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Why buy seasonal?

We all know that it is the best to eat fruit and vegetables when they are in season. If we fill out plates and bowls with what Mother Nature is providing, we can be sure that we eat healthy, fresh and get the best taste.

In particular for soups, which main ingredients are often vegetables, I would highly recommend using very good quality. It will make your dishes so much better.

These are a few good reasons to buy products in season:

  1. Buying in season is cheaper: When you know what is in season and shop accordingly, you will get the freshest products and most of the times even save money, as prices go down when the supply is up.
  2. Buying in season is fresher: Seasonal products usually come from local producers. You buy them shortly after they have been harvested.
  3. Buying in season makes for better taste: When you buy what is in season you allow fruits and vegetables to grow naturally. The growing process is not rushed and the products are perfectly ripe when you buy them which will guarantee the best tastes.
  4. Buying in season supports local producers and is better for the environment because products do not need to travel far, which avoids the use of additional chemicals and transportation. Another thing that I really like is that fruits and vegetables are normally not pre-packed at food markets and you can choose exactly the amount you need and have less waste.

DSC_0450Where to buy?

At the moment, I am living in Dublin and I am trying to buy most of my fruit and veggies from local producers and in season.

I love the Temple Bar Food market , which is on every Saturday from 10 am – 4.30 pm on Meeting House Square. It gives me a whole different feeling about the food I eat and it really inspires me to cook more. Just look for farmers and food markets in your area. They have become really popular and I am sure there is one very close to your home.

Of course, I do not manage to get to the market every weekend and I shop some of my food in supermarkets as well. Most supermarkets have an organic or local food section and when you know what is in season, you can shop wisely at supermarkets as well.


Seasonal calendar

There are many slightly different seasonal calendars out there. Which products are in season around the year depends on your location. For Ireland and I guess for most of Europe these two calendars, Seasonal Food Calendar and Calendar_A4, will give you a very good overview. The second one can be found on the eatseasonably.co.uk site as well and has some cool interactive functions.

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 So, eat seasonably and enjoy fruit and vegetables at their best :-)!

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