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rustic pasta and meat ball soup

I had a really relaxed morning, strolling along the farmers market in Howth, a sea side area in Dublin. The market is small but offers a mix of stands from fresh pastries, vegetables, fish and meats to antipasti snacks. It really has a bit of everything which makes it a great starting point for my weekend shopping.

After I filled my bags with olives, herbs and other goodies, I enjoyed a walk along the port with a warming caramel latte in my hands. The sky was grey and the wind blowing strong creating a great set for the squawking seagulls and the musicians, playing soft Jazz tunes at the quay.

When I got home at lunchtime, I decided to cook a nice soup with meat balls, pasta and tomatoes to warm me up.

The soup was great and comforting and the rustic sourdough bread I bought at the market went really well with it. Just the kind of food you want after a long walk.

I spend the afternoon on the couch reading the paper and listening to some nice music. What a fantastic day! (more…)

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